MS1 Master sealer flac. 1 x 30 ml

Resina acrilica per sigillatura e indurimento di modello in gesso. Non crea stratificazione. Indurisce lasciando una superficie idrorepellente. __________MS1 Master Sealer__________ Seals and strengthens all die materials enabling accurate die preparation. Product Overview A paint-on acylic resin for conditioning, sealing and hardening gypsum dies and models. It waterproofs and seals stone surfaces without layer build-up on the die. Advanced material is absorbed into the stone, and by capillary action, seals the stone surface while providing zero micron buildup. MS1 is available in a felt-pen applicator, as well as an 1/2 bottle brush and 8 oz refill. Key Benefits Strengthens dies and hardens models. Protects margins from chipping and abrasion. Zero microns ensure zero layer buildup. Improves margin fit.
Flacone 30 ml