Superpeg II Sir. 1 x 12 CC

Materiale refrattario di seconda generazione, facilmente modellabile e usato per tutti i tipi di porcellana. Stabilità di 1300°, elimina contaminazioni e distorsioni da cottura. Utilizzabile durante la riparazone di crepe su ceramica pressata e margini in all-ceramic. Ottimo per la stabilità durante la saldatura. ________SuperPeg II_____________________ Advanced material for custom ceramic firing stabilization. Product Overview SuperPeg II is a second generation, advanced high-heat resistant refractory material used for custom ceramic firing stabilizing. The material can be easily shaped and used with any type of porcelain. Available for a variety of uses in the laboratory, the material is stable up to 1300°C (2375°F), eliminates firing distortion and contamination. SuperPeg II offers a freeze stable solution for hassle free shipping and extended shelf life for added value. Packaged 12cc Syringes and come 4 per package. Key Benefits Fill inside of crowns for extra stabilization during ceramic firing cycles. Use for stabilization during soldering procedures. Use to hold platinum foil in place during cast repairs. No clean up is required.
Siringa 12 cc.